Company testing strategy boosted by IT


Like most of the employers, TR-Electronic, a medium-sized manufacturer of industrial position sensors and drive systems, was faced with the task of establishing a test offer for SarsCov2 antigen rapid tests for employees in a short time in May 2021. TR relies on a test offer in the company. At the beginning, the results were documented on paper by employees trained to carry out the tests. A software solution from an external service provider and hardware from TRsystems massively accelerated the test strategy.
Subjects work with a smartphone application. They use it to identify themselves at the test center, and the results of the tests are communicated in the app. A PC application is used in the test center to link subject and test data records.
TR-Electronic did not have to search long for a suitable hardware platform – TRsystems has been a producer of individual PC-based automation solutions and customer-specific control solutions for many years. The new notion series offers a compact, hygienically perfect hardware platform for medical and pharmaceutical applications. The housing of the IoT-compatible platform notion.H is suitable for hygienic cleaning, all connections are made with tight, screwed plug connections. There are no moving parts and no ventilation openings.
Notion.H is one of many variants of the notion series of modern HMI and automation systems from TRsystems. Regardless of whether platforms for user interfaces, compact controllers or networked system automation, the various designs and performance levels enable precise adaptation to specific requirements.