Old World Computing GmbH

About us

Old World Computing (OWC) enables companies to utilize artificial intelligence in a technically and organizationally sustainable way.
Therefore, OWC establishes a knowledge transfer in training courses, practical workshops for all levels of the organization and within implementation projects in which the company’s own AI team can be built up and first solutions are put into use at the same time.
OWC supports its customers as partner on their ways to establish the necessary technical and organizational structures. By the use of a real-time-capable open-source platform, even demanding, individual requirements can be realized.
Years of research experience make the company a valuable partner for product development, optimization of processes and the full exploitation of opportunities created by AI throughout the company even beyond standard use cases such as predictive maintenance.
Sebastian Land (founder): “Our goal is to establish the wide application of AI in our customers organizations. Therefore, we assess opportunities honestly and show possibilities as well as technical and economic limits.”

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